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About Bruce Gooch

Dr. Bruce Gooch is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Victoria in British Columbia Canada. He is an author of the books Non-Photorealistic Rendering with Dr. Amy Gooch and the upcoming Illustrative Graphics and Visualization with Dr. Amy Gooch of the University of Victoria and Dr. Mario Costa Sousa of the University of Calgary. Both books published by A.K. Peters.

Serious Games

In joint collaboration with Microsoft Research and Sony Online Entertainment, Dr. Gooch investigated Ever Quest 2 as a pedagogical tool for second language acquisition. The results were presented at the SIGGRAPH 2006 Educators Program and the Eurographics 2006 Education Program.

Professor Gooch is currently using video games as a motivational tool in a unique obesity intervention by creating a game interface that uses exercise machines to enhance the game-play experience. The modified game platform embodies two novel components, exercise machines modified to be haptic game controllers and real-time biometric feedback incorporated into game context.

Computer Graphics

Professor Gooch's research combines computer graphics techniques for creating artistic imagery with the evaluation methods of perceptual psychology to optimize visual communication using images, animations, and interactive applications. The goal of his research is to develop new algorithms and user interfaces that enhance learning.